Stop Yelling and Start Preaching

I was searching through some older blog posting files this week and found a couple “oldies” I thought I would share again. These posts got lost in the crash of “December 2007”. Take a moment and enjoy!


Preaching is a very emotional part of every ministers life. I recently watched a video on TheBible.Net and the presenter spoke of preaching one sermon is equivalent of one full day of work. Imagine the emotions involved in presenting one message to a group of people seeking to be found in the love and grace of God.

Since preaching is a very emotional exercise of a minister’s life, he need to be aware of his emotions as he presents the words of God. Too much emotion and the sermon can touch the hearts of the listeners, but never take root because no truth is present to build on. Too little emotion and the truth can be presented in form which lacks sincerity of the heart. There must be balance and the balance can only be found in a daily dose of Christ.

Christ became our sacrifice and our blood hanging upon the cross of Calvary. We were a twinkle in his eye as he hung on two wooden beams held with nails of love so we may live again after we leave this Earth. We must be sure we do not preach the cross of Christ without emotions, because the emotions of Christ were very clear as he lay on the ground in the garden and begged to be released from such a cruel death.

The emotion which blends with the truth of the Savior must be spoken boldly to the world we see. Throughout the book of Acts, you find the disciples of Jesus boldly proclaiming the message to a lost world. As preachers of the gospel today, we need to boldly proclaim the world to the lost and dying world. We must be sure our lessons are presented from a sincere heart with an outpouring of emotion based upon the everlasting truth of the gospel.

As you plan to approach the congregation this Sunday, make sure your yelling has some substance and you are not yelling to yell. Flood your preparation with prayer and become engulfed in the cross, because that cross became the hinge ushering in a life which we will attain if we are found in the light of the Father. It is with the cross we reach the world.

Proclaim the message this week with sincerity and truth and see what happens!

Just some thoughts…


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  1. Amen.
    (…and not in that sarcastic way we might attribute to “willy-style”)

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