Study Guide on 1st John

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” (1 John 5:13)

imageEvery time I study the letter of 1 John I find an amazing letter of encouragement, hope and expectation to followers of Christ. The older apostle John draws on his experience in the lifetime he had following Jesus, being a missionary, suffering hardships for the and glorying in the moment of God. As his hand is directed by the  Holy Spirit to write these words, their power is fully seen not in the writing, but in the meaning. Living what the apostle writes is a fully fledged allegiance to the eternal and the benefits are found every day.

Below is a copy of a Bible Class Study Guide I put together to use in an adult Bible class. The material is not exhaustive of every verse in 1 John, but it was designed to be a discussion guide.

I have provided a copy of the Bible Class Study Guide below. You may download and distribute the study guide. Also below you will notice there are a couple editable copies below. You may download the editable copies and adapt them for use in your own congregation or studies.

To Download:

To Download a PDF copy of the Study Guide by clicking the picture to open up a new window or right clicking the picture and going to “Save As…”


Want a copy you may edit yourself? Below are two different links: one for an editable edition in Microsoft Word 2007 and another for the editable edition in Microsoft Word 2003. You may download the version you like by right clicking on the link and then choosing “Save As..”

All that I ask is you let me know you have downloaded the file and are using it.

Editable Copies:

If you have trouble downloading the files, contact me using the Contact link here or  at the top of the page and I will email you a copy of the material.

I hope you will check out the other resources found on the Preacher’s Pen under Ebooks, Sermon Outlines and PowerPoints. Each of the resources is provided to you at no-cost.

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  1. I downloaded it!  Thanks!  I haven’t yet decided what I’m teaching next quarter.  I’ll let you know if I decide on 1 John.

  2. I downloaded your study guide.  Thank you.  Laurie

  3. I downloaded your study Guide on 1John. Thank you for creating one and sharing it. Satya

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