Five Ways to Be Gentle



While using my Logos Bible program, I discovered this article while researching some material and I thought I would pass it along to you.

Jerry Bridges suggests these five strategies for obeying the biblical injunctions about gentleness:

  • Actively seek to make others feel at ease. Be sensitive to other’s opinions and ideas, welcoming opinion.
  • Show respect for the personal dignity of the other person. When you need to change a wrong opinion, do so with persuasion and kindness rather than domination or intimidation.
  • Avoid blunt speech and abrupt manner. Be sensitive to how others react to your words, considering how they may feel. When it is necessary to wound, also include encouragement.
  • Don’t be threatened by opposition; gently instruct, asking God to dissolve the opposition.
  • Do not belittle or degrade or gossip about a brother who has fallen—instead grieve and pray for his repentance.


Morgan, R. J. (2000). Nelson’s complete book of stories, illustrations, and quotes (electronic ed.) (339). Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.


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