Helping People, Serving and Government

Current fallacies people believe:

  • “The government is doing a good job helping people.”
  • “We are too small to help anyone.”
  • “I pay my taxes so the government can help.”

How many times have Christians been fed the fallacy of the government is helping the needy, so Christians should let the government work? Have you notice our government has the ability to be extremely wasteful in their dealings with everything? Consider these articles:


At the beginning of the year, I challenged people I knew to make a change in their life and begin blessing others from their abundance. Two large projects were created to engage people in serving others; (1) Pack-a-Backpack and (2) Pack-a-Container. Both efforts had not been done in the ways I had intentioned, but I figured someone had to do something so why not give them a go and see how it works out.



The Pack-a-Backpack effort was designed to give backpacks to underprivileged school children. As schools we contacted it was requested that the backpacks go to those underprivileged children who fall through the cracks of the system, not to those who receive everything. The effort was specific in service. As  a result, the first goal of 25 backpacks were not enough and the total number of backpacks distributed was 100!

The majority of those who chipped in were members of the church, but there were others outside of the congregation who participated as well.

Capture (2)

The next major undertaking was Pack-a-Container began in September. This effort was to go into our closets and give clothing we have been blessed with. Many of us have clothing we do not wear (some with tags still on them) and it is time to share those items with others. I rented a storage container and asked people to pack it with everything which they wanted to bless other people. The response is excellent. Already there have been two FULL car loads of clothing taken to a local homeless shelter for teens and another delivery of items will be made this week.  Two other appointments have been made to deliver items to an orphanage relief center and a shelter.

All of the deliveries were and are made possible by people will to assist others by blessing them.

Why Do I Tell You This?

I tell you these things because you are not “too small” or your finances are not “too strapped” (usually) but our mindset is too weak. People look at the world and want to change, but their mind makes them believe they are too small. Remember that Israel had the same problem, but two men stepped up. (See Numbers 13 and 14)  Will you step up to the cause?

I tell you these things not to brag about the ideas, because they are not mine, I borrowed them from others and tweaked them for our needs. I tell you of these things because Jesus did not say, "Let the government give them a cup of water" he said for YOU to do it. This is what people can do, maybe it is time for the government to get out of the way and good people to step up to the cause. We are not too small, we are big enough to help, so let the government move and let us get to work. Rise up good people and let us do GOOD!

God did not call upon a government to change the world, He called on His people! Are you one of them?

Thanks to all of those who are helping! Contact me for more information!

Just my thoughts,


Personal Note:

There are a few projects coming next year that will have an effect on our local community but I am still putting the projects together. Most of these projects are nothing new, they are just tweaked to allow greater flexibility in our efforts.

I have already been asked to do 200 backpacks next year and to get another container! The momentum is growing!

If you want to start a project in your area, start with a group of friends and begin making a difference. I will be glad to send you some ideas and assistance in the future, just contact me using our contact page or call the voice line and leave me a message.

Thanks for stopping by.

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