December 31, 2012–Gabbi’s Day


I have never met Gabbi Cook and neither have many of you. There is a part of me who wishes that Gabbi’s name would have not spread throughout the world the way that it has, however, I am glad to have such a friend as Gabbi and her parents. Right now, Gabbi is in need of prayer. Her liver transplant has had a few setbacks with the blood flow into her new liver. As a result, the doctors are waiting to see how the blood flow increases. The blood flow is crucial to the recovery process from the transplant. Below is a recent post from Gabbi’s father, Matt:

After a really long night of Gabbi fighting the ventilator, they finally took it out this morning. So, she is awake and talking, but not real happy. She needs to sleep, but she fights through most of the sedatives they give her. Of course, she is begging for pancakes and any other sort of food of which she can think. She wants to color and play, but she is really weak. Getting her off of the ventilator is a big deal because it’s been hard to see her like that all week.

As far as blood flow goes, it’s just a waiting game now. They didn’t do an ultrasound this morning, so we don’t have any new updates. The liver numbers are improving gradually after they had spiked on Wednesday. We’ll just have to wait it out and hope that the new vessels form and blood flow improves. 


She can now begin the long road to recovery from all of the surgeries while we wait. Hopefully she can eat in the next couple of days because she began begging for food as soon as they took the ventilator out. We are still in the ICU and I imagine we’ll be here for another day or two, but I’m not really sure.

I am asking for each family member, friend, follower, website visitor and everyone else to pause 4 times on New Year’s Eve to spend a few moments in prayer on behalf of my friend Gabbi.  Share the message with everyone you know and let’s send thousands upon thousands of prayers to heaven on behalf of Gabbi.

Things to pray for:

  • Gabbi’s healing!
  • Gabbi’s recovery
  • Gabbi’s parents, Matt and Charla
  • Gabbi’s grandparents
  • Gabbi’s doctors
  • Continual blessings on Gabbi and her family


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Just some thoughts,



  1. Thanks, Chris! I made it my FB cover photo.

  2. kathy fluharty

    Praying with all i have

  3. Debbie Royal

    Praying for Gabbi that God will have his hands on her and her family through this difficult time they are going through.

  4. Chuck,

    Thanks for sharing. Gabbi needs all the prayers lifted to heaven she can get.

    Thanks again,


  5. Kathy,

    Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming!



  6. Debbie,

    Thanks for praying for Gabbi. Keep the prayers coming!



  7. Bring Healing to this Child!
    Prayers for Gabbi!

    Lord, you love our child as You love all children,
    Bring healing to this child who is not well.
    Stay by her side and comfort her through this trying time.
    Keep us ever mindful of Your loving presence
    Bless her with Your powerful healing and comfort her also.
    Thank You for hearing our prayer

  8. Tammy Rice

    God please bless little Gabbi with the love of you have for all of us.
    Please father watch over her and her family and all though this hard
    times. Keep each and everyone safe and comfort them as they are all
    healing. Father give this family the <3 the blessing to cope with
    what needs to be done. Please father blessed Little Gabbi & her
    family & all !! In God great name AMEN !! Joe & Tammy Rice

  9. Praying for Little Gabbi, her family and doctors!

  10. Praying for Gabbi and her family!

  11. Cindy Ice

    I am praying for Gabbi and her family, I know how hard the waiting can be and the worrying day and night. I to have waited for a liver transplant, but I am an adult and it is much harder to watch a child go through such an ordeal…..Bless her and her family, and may God guide the doctors to heal and give Gabbi her chance to become a happy adult and and enjoy her baby brother.

  12. Praying for the Lost on Facebook(a group of over 350 Christians) is praying for you, Gabbi. Jesus is the Healer!

  13. Kim,

    Thank you for praying and continue to pray.

    Thanks for stopping by,


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