Delays, Updates and Confusion

The work on the Preacher’s Pen was delayed yesterday and will be delayed today do to a software updated causing havoc on the system. I recently took it upon myself to updated to Windows 8 in hopes and better battery power, a quicker computer and an updated system. Instead, I found at least half of the programs not being able to function, as slow as ten-fold in opening and executing commands.

After a few moments of banging my head on the desk, a friend was able to help me in navigating through some of the process. As a result the assistance, I was able to get several programs up and running, but a select few (along with those I use for writing and podcasting) are not working at this time. Therefore, I was not able to post yesterday and I will have to delay today’s podcast and article as well.

Within the day, things should be up and running at some point and the random thoughts will begin to flow again.

Thanks for your patience.

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