I am Glad God is Not Technical



Last Wednesday, on a whim, I decided to upgrade to Windows 8. The price was right ($39.99) and the desire to have a cleaner computer along with a longer battery life. Well, the upgrade did not go as expected. Immediately following the upgrade about half of the software on my computer would not run and the computer was moving at 50% of normal speed. Following the events of Wednesday, the laptop was out of control on Thursday – Saturday.

Thanks to a friend in the IT business, the Windows 8 upgrade process is becoming a little better. After a Windows 8 refresh, the computer is running smoothly and quicker than Windows 7.

Soon after the Windows 8 craziness, the battery on my wife’s cell phone cause an issue where it would shut down quite frequently and give false battery readings. After a quick examination of the battery, we found it swollen and unable to hold a charge.

After putting up with several technological issues, I am thankful that God made the plan to live with him simple. There is not a technological aspect to the plan God has shown to man through His Son Jesus.

God knew man would not be able to save himself, because we were created to make our own choices and in such cases, we choose to leave the foundational principles of the Word of God and make our own path. Salvation through God is simple, but sometimes man creates the problem. Consider those on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2…

Each person was committed to following God because they had made the journey from other regions to be there for the Pentecost celebration. While celebrating the feast, Peter (along with the 11) became Spirit-filled spokesman for the Almighty God. The message was personal and pointed. During Peter’s message, the people realize, "What shall we do?" Peter’s answer was simple and pointed.

Peter’s words were…

(1) Repent
(2) Be baptized.

I am glad God’s plan is not technical, but simple.

Just my thoughts,


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