Pancakes for Gabbi – Tuesday, February 5, 2013


As many of you know, my friend Gabbi Cook has been battling cancer and a variety of issues with her liver transplant. As Kid President says, “Gabbi is fighting cancer like a BOSS!” (The latest on Gabbi is at the bottom of this article)

Back in October, hundreds of people responded with prayer and donations to help the Cook family with their expenses. Today, I am calling upon all my friends to reach out to the Cook family again with prayers, cards and a small donation to help them with the expenses to Gabbi’s battle with cancer.

February 5th has been designated International Pancake Day and since Gabbi happens to love pancakes, let each one of us make a donation to help the Cook family.

Here is the “Pancakes for Gabbi” deal:

  • This is a donation event, there will be no actual pancakes, unless you come to my house and I will make you some.
  • You can purchase “pancakes” for Gabbi at $2.00 a piece. (example: 10 pancakes are $20)
  • Decide the number of “pancakes” you wish to purchase and send your check to the address below. Remember to write “Pancakes for Gabbi” in the memo line of your check.
  • Mail your check to the address below on February 5th and let’s overwhelm them with donations of “pancakes.”

Send your donation to:

Estes Church of Christ

Gabbi’s Medical Fund

PO Box 191

Henderson, TN  38340

Share “Pancakes for Gabbi” on your Facebook, Twitter, contacts and other ways to encourage the Cook family each day!

Let’s make Tuesday, February 5, 2013 a “Gabbi Pancake Day!”


Continue to pray for the Cook family and Gabbi as they battle this dreaded disease.

Find out more about Gabbi by going here:

Just some thoughts,


From Gabbi’s father Matt:

Here’s a quick Gabbi update: this morning, her liver numbers had gone up by about 20%. This was pretty frustrating for the doctors because they thought the blood thinners were going to cause the numbers to go down (they had started to go down a little yesterday). We were supposed to be released today, but now she’ll probably be inpatient through the weekend. Tomorrow, she will have to have another biopsy and MRCP (a fancy MRI). Both require her to be put to sleep so they are planning to do them back-to-back tomorrow morning. They suspect that the bile duct problems are beginning, but we’ll know for sure after the procedures. Thank you for praying that this problem will be resolved quickly. She is feeling really well this afternoon, which makes all of this much easier.

Many of you have seen that our friends Kid President and Brad Montague made a big deal about Gabbi on CNN this morning. The video is a lot of fun…especially about a minute in when Robby takes a cupcake back from Soledad O’Brien for Gabbi ( We had no clue they were doing this, so it was very touching. Robby and Brad took the spotlight that was shining on them and pointed it in another direction. But, I’m not surprised. That’s just who they are.

This interview was especially inspirational to me because they mentioned Robby’s long-term health struggles. My post last night was honest and factual. Those facts are disappointing. No one wants that for their child. Robby, though, is a reminder that kids are resilient and that Gabbi can be an energetic, “normal” little girl. And because of her struggle, she can be an inspiration to others. I wouldn’t ever choose this path, but if it is the one we have to follow, you better believe we are going to make it as awesome as possible. And we’re going to let God teach us along the way. Somehow I think we’ll end up closer as a family because of it.

I don’t think Robby or his family would have chosen the path that he has to follow, but they are making it as awesome as possible…especially for others. I don’t know what challenging paths you will have to follow, but follow Kid President’s example and make the path awesome.

So, thank you Kid President for the reminder that I needed this morning. Thank you for the huge “shout out” to Gabbi. Thank you for being awesome!


  1. Sharon Browning

    What a great way to take advantage of the publicity already out there for “Pancake Day” Hope this brings in lots of prayers and donations, too.

  2. Sharon,

    Thanks for stopping by. We are just trying to do what we can for such a precious girl and family. Remember to spread the word.

    Thanks again,


  3. Deanna Johnson

    What a great idea!! :-)

  4. Robin Shelton

    This is a great idea Chris! I’ll be passing this along!!!

  5. Robin,

    Thanks for your kind words. Share the information with as many as possible and let us make it a great Tuesday.

    Thanks again,


  6. Denna,

    Thanks. Share this event with as many as possible and let’s make this Tuesday and “Pancake” for Gabbi great-kind of day.

    Thanks again,


  7. Michel Behrens

    Hi, I would really like to help and make a donation but I don’t live in the USA. Is it possible to donate via paypal or other online services? Please let me know. Thanks.

  8. Michael,

    You ask a great question. I am not sure if anything has been set up online yet. I am going to email your privately with a few ideas.


    Chris Gallagher

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