Gallagher on Time Management

It is finally here! After considering some options for a while, my first e-book has been published for Amazon Kindle. This will be the start of a few short e-books and short stories to be released this year.

The book, titled “How to have a Good Day Every Day …sort of”, takes the basic principles of time management and assists you with some practical thoughts for creating a good day every day.

Here is a sample from page 4:

“The sound of consistent buzzing rattles through your head each morning as you roll over and smack the alarm clock to achieve a few more minutes of restless slumber. You know the buzzing sound is coming again, but something in your body would rather hit an alarm clock than turn it off, get out of bed and begin your day.

“Either that buzzing sound has a powerful hold of enjoyment on you, or you never consider the day as great.

“After beating the alarm clock off the night stand, you stagger to the shower, bouncing off the bed and holding onto the dresser, trying not to stub your toes on any random object left from your children. If you have ever stubbed your toe on a toy or much worse, stepped on a Lego, then you get the picture.”


Here is a sample from page 10:

“Depending on your commute, you might be able to avoid much of the traffic by leaving a few minutes early. I know in some locations, 5 minutes makes all the difference.

“#1 – Stop listening to the Traffic Report

“How many of us have been sitting in stopped traffic and we continue to listen to the reports on the radio? The only thing that does is give you more frustration about places you cannot go.

“During your traffic time you can do two things: (1) Listen to some upbeat music; or (2) use the time to listen to something constructive. If you choose to listen to music, listen to music that will inspire you and not bring you down. You might need to download your favorite music to your MP3 player or burn a CD, but use this time to inspire yourself.”


“How to have a Good Day Every Day…sort of” is available for $2.99 for Kindle. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can borrow the book for FREE.

Download it and share your thoughts.




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