Sermon Topics that Need Preached


Are you struggling with a lesson for Sunday morning or even a Bible class topic? Here are some titles to develop a sermon or lesson. I specifically, believe these topics need addresses in the near future.

  • Laziness is not a fruit of the spirit
  • Parenting is not friendship
  • Knowledge without application is like Christianity without Christ
  • If you have never been changed you haven’t been converted
  • Stop talking about each other and start talking to each other
  • Marriage is not 50/50 – it is 100/100
  • The world will go to hell without Christ
  • Stop burying your talent; start investing your talent
  • Talking about Christ is not the same as sharing Christ
  • Christianity is not about what you want but about what Christ wants
  • Sitting in a church building does not make you a Christian
  • What is right with the church
  • Stop whining and start working

What topics would you add to the list?

Just my thoughts,

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