Why are Preachers so Fat? – Part #3

The past two posts on “Why are Preachers so Fat?” have hit a nerve in the preaching community and their families. Apparently, a large number of preachers than I thought struggle with this issue and are in need of some motivation to get started. I decided to list my “Top Ten Benefits for Losing Weight for Preachers” below. Take a moment and enjoy and be sure to stop by tomorrow as well.

Top Ten Benefits of Losing Weight for Preachers

  • You live longer which in turn allows you to spread the gospel of Christ longer.
  • Your family needs you on this Earth to encourage them. (Have you seen the news, we all need our families)
  • You can walk up to the pulpit without stopping to catch your breathe.
  • Your influence will grow greater because you are active, moving and living well.
  • Your 1970′s leisure suit will fit better for that perfect sermon.
  • Your insurance premiums can go down based on improving your health. (This is important since many preachers pay their own insurance. Be sure to check with your insurance provider.)
  • Exercising can bring about new opportunities to share the message. (Going to the gym can create friendships and opportunities.)
  • You can finally catch your children when they run from you.
  • You feel better.
  • It is one less joke the members can tell. (Who tells jokes about a thin or athletic preacher?)


A Bonus – Losing weight saves money! (I will show you how on another post in the series.)


Tomorrow, the beginning of the “How to Lose Weight for Preachers.”

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