16 Things in 16 Years – Part #3

16 years seems like a long time in ministry, but it has passed by rather rapidly. Granted, there are times when the days and weeks have moved real, real slow but the majority of those days and weeks have gone by rapidly.

Here is Part #3 of 16 Things in 16 Years. For those younger in the ministry than me, these are my thoughts. For those older in the ministry than me, I am still learning.

If you have not read the first 8 things of “16 Things in 16 Years”, you may do so here: Part #1 then Part #2.

16 Things in 16 Years – Part #3

9. Preach To Challenge. Preaching the word of God will not satisfy everyone. In fact, it will make some angry at you. Preach to make God smile, not to make men smile. Preach the word, be a proclaimer not a satisfier.

10. Listen. When someone tells you something, whether good or bad, just listen. If they yell at you, listen. If they smile at you listen. Listening does more than you think possible. Didn’t James remind us to listen?

11. Remember your first love. Write down your thoughts on why you got into preaching. Remember the love you felt as you spoke the words of God. Remember and revive your spirit.

12. Get a good datebook. Whether you use a paper planner, your phone or a computer program like Microsoft Outlook, keep track of your time and your schedule. A knowledge of where you are spending your time will be of great benefit when it comes into question by others. A review of your schedule will also assist you in spending it wisely.

Part #4 arrives tomorrow. Stay tuned for more.

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