The sermon outlines and PowerPoints below are provided to assist you in your personal studies, Bible classes and presentations. I ask that you use the sermon outlines as a supplement to your studies and not as the only piece of information you research. As I tell the congregations where I speak, “I want you to trust me, but do not believe anything I say. Check it out and be sure it is in God’s Word.”

You may download any of the outlines below. All I ask is you let me know if you do download them and use them. There is now cost for them, I would just like to know how I can improve the material I provide.


Currently, I am using PowerPoint more than sermon outlines. To view all the Powerpoints available from this website, go to http://www.slideshare.net/GallagherPreach. Bookmark this page and check back; new PowerPoints are made available every week. I use SlideShare.net because it provides an excellent way to view and download the PowerPoints.

You may download the PowerPoints by going to the the SlideShare link –> http://www.slideshare.net/GallagherPreach. You will notice there are a few Powerpoints listed on the Sermon Outlines below as well.

Sermon Outline Downloading Instructions:

  • You may double click on the outline PDF and open the file to save or print.
  • You may also right click on the outline you want to download and go to “Save as…” Save the file to your hard drive.

New Outlines:

Building a Great Church Series

Outlines to Assist in Biblical Knowledge:

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Outlines on Christian Living:

Outlines on Church Growth:

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Outlines on Getting to Know God – 2008

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Bonus Powerpoint Shows:

Stay tuned for more outlines and PowerPoints to come!