PreachersPen.TV- Coming October 2011


Beginning October 2011, the Preacher’s Pen website will offer a weekly webcast to discuss various matters relating to the ministry. From time to time ministers get worn down and worn out serving others and need a place to be uplifted and refreshed. PreachersPen.TV seeks to provide ministers with a weekly webcast covering topics and issues relating to the ministry and to minister’s lives and their family.

Stay tuned as more information is being put together to create a great webcast network.


Got Questions? Here are some answers:

What is PreachersPen.TV?

  • PreachersPen.TV is a simple internet webcast involving audio, video and chatroom to discuss area of ministry, in order to encourage ministers and their families.

What are some topics discussed on PreachersPen.TV?

  • There will be a variety of topics discussed each week. Some of the topics to be discussed are listed below:
    • Overcoming Burnout
    • Depression: Coping and Avoiding
    • Dealing with Personal Grief in Ministry
    • Equipping Men for Ministry
    • Preachers and Debt
    • The Preacher and Elders Relationship
    • Preachers and Building Projects
    • Writing for Preachers
    • Staying Fresh in the Midst of Crisis
    • The Minister and His Wife
    • The Minister and His Children

Will their be a PreachersPen.TV podcast?

  • Right now, there will be a podcast of the weekly show and I am currently finding a way to put the video in an archive to post online. Once the podcast is up and running, we will make it known. Stay tuned for more!

Will there be a cost to PreachersPen.TV?

  • PreachersPen.TV is a no-cost webcast available to anyone with an internet connection. There will be an on-going cost to the efforts of the Preacher’s Pen Network and those costs are being absorbed in our ministry. If you would like to help, we do not ask for donations; we ask you to use our affiliate links found on the Preacher’s Pen website under Support and the website on the right sidebar. A small portion of each sale goes to help fund our efforts on these sites.


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Attitude 101

“But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.” (Matthew 15.18; ESV)

Our attitude can change someone’s day in the twinkling of an eye. The consequences of a bad attitude do not just fall on ourselves, but they fall on others. Remember to begin the day with a positive attitude and encourage others in their work. Here is a quick article on how to “Start Your Morning Right” to give you some beginnings for a great day.

If nothing else, maybe words from Keith Brown will give you comfort, “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

Here is Sunday’s lesson PowerPoint:


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