If you have grown up in any religious group, you have heard about the Pharisees.

In fact, I bet whenever you read the Bible and you see the word Pharisee you take a deep breathe.

The Pharisees were a very strict group of law holders who followed Jesus to test, trap and maybe learn from Him. The first two seem to task priority over the learning, but they still followed Him at various times in Jesus’ ministry.

Sunday morning, the lesson discussed a common passage familiar too many. The Pharisees encounter Jesus after he performs some healings. The Pharisees and scribes make an issue of The disciples not washing their hands to the tradition of teh elders.

The Pharisees were known to elevate the teachings of their traditions over the commands of God. As Jesus answers their question, He adds to the discussion and questions their teachings.

Today, Christians need to consider this encounter Jesus has with the Pharisees and look at our beliefs.

Have Christians elevated their traditions over the commands of God?

Have Christians today used their traditions as a basis to forget the teachings of Jesus?

It is definitely something to consider today.

Here is Sunday Morning’s Lesson powerpoint:

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Let us always strive to follow God over man.

Just some thoughts,

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