As I continue through the “Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge” I have found myself examing a few things I do and how to improve. One aspect of the photo challenge is to post photos relating to various aspects of your life that define your character. Today, I speak of journaling.

Day #3 – My Journal

I have written about journaling several times before, but this time it is a little shorter.  You can read some previous thoughts here: Some Thoughts on Journaling.

Thanks to the teaching of Jim Rohn, I have been keeping a journal for several years now and have experienced many benefits I never considered. Here is a YouTube link to Jim Rohn speaking on journaling.

I started keeping a journal after listening to Jim Rohn speak on the benefits of keeping a journal and realizing this could play a great part in my creative process. At first, journaling was something I had heard before but never followed through on the plan. I decided to purchase a journal and begin writing as much as I could. I tried writing in the morning and evening, but I found it best when I wrote as a thought hit.

My journal goes with me where I travel, and it has become something I refer to and see how my life is progressing.

I do not use my journal like a diary, but as a collection of thoughts, lesson notes, quotes, shopping lists, project planning and various writings. It is a catch-all for ideas, sketches, plans, and failures. There is a structure, and it is to collect thoughts on paper to review and meditate on at a later time.

My favorite part of journaling is the ability to look back on previous journals and see how I have progressed and matured in my thinking. Having a collection of ideas and thoughts aids in gauging your growth.

Do you journal?

Just some thoughts,