It is difficult to believe that we are now finding ourselves in another election cycle. While I am not an expert on elections, this election seems to follow the increased chaos attributed to the year 2020.

As the elections draw near, it is important that Christians pray. To be honest, I am not concerned if you are voting or not.  I am more concerned if you are praying.

Put your political beliefs aside for a moment and ask yourself, “Am I praying more or talking about politics more?”

It is a hard, but a valid question we need to consider as the time is drawing near for millions of citizens to head to the voting booths and choose our next elected officials.

Are you praying for the election process?

I would encourage you to head over to the newest effort of the Preacher’s Pen called, “Pray for the Election.” This is not a political website, but a prayerful one. It is not our aim to tell you which political candidate to choose, but to encourage you to pray for all candidates, our nation and its citizens.

Head on over to the Pray for the Election website.

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Put pray before politics.

Just a thought,

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