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"Everyone has a unique story and every story is a blessing."

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So, here’s a bit about me:

When it’s time to say goodbye to this world, I hope to do it with a smile, knowing I’ve lived a life full of the good stuff. I want to slip away quietly, without a fuss, boots on and all. I’m not looking to make a scene when the curtain falls. Instead, I want to leave behind a trail of joy because I’ve given this life my best shot.

I hope my kids will be grinning from ear to ear, knowing it’s not a forever goodbye. And Carrie — she reckons she’ll beat me to the punch, but if she doesn’t, I want her to know we had a blast of a life together.

Every day, I get to paint and write my own story, no matter what life throws at me. I’ve decided to let it lift me higher. I’m done asking God to take away the tough times; now, I’m asking Him to make me tougher. Sure, I haven’t won every battle, but I’ve knocked some big ones off my list, and I didn’t do it solo.

My tale starts with just me and my mom, at a time when folks weren’t too kind to kids like me; but having friends that care, truly mattered. (Quick note: Mom got married when I was eight, and by thirteen, I was officially adopted by my step-dad.) Those early challenges might seem small to some, but they were huge for me. School was a battleground, not a playground.

Due to a tinge of color-blindness, my world was colored differently—where grass was brown, skies were purple, and the sun was a wild shade of orange. Teachers thought I was spaced out daydreaming, but I was paying attention, alright. Back then, they didn’t test for things like ADD; not that I could’ve sat still for it anyway.

I’ve always been a dreamer, spinning yarns about wild adventures for anyone who’d listen. My stories might’ve been out there, but they were real to me—a wild imagination at play. As I grew up, so did my dreams. They’re the stuff that pushes us to explore new places and live in the moment.

In college, I whipped up a bucket list before I even knew what one was. Found it years later and realized I’d checked off every single thing. (I call that a God thing!) I got the house, the stuff, lived in the city I wanted to. The only thing missing was the car I dreamed of driving. I could get it now, but it doesn’t mean as much. My bucket list has changed—for the better.

I’ve learned a lot from my own scrapes and scuffles. Some folks say I’m wise beyond my years, but I figure I’ve still got a way to go. It would’ve been easy to blame my rough start on others or the world, but my family taught me to own it and to chase my passions. With a little responsibility and a lot of heart, anything’s possible.

For the last 27 years, I’ve been all about helping others have a better tomorrow. Life’s thrown me some curveballs, but the lows have set me up for the highs. My “work” has taken me all over, and I bet there’s more to come.

Now, as the winds of change are blowing, I can feel a shift coming. It’s a bit scary, sure, but I believe there’s a bigger plan at work. I want to help folks build a better today for an even better tomorrow, to map out their lives and help them hit their stride. It’s what I’m here for—to lend a hand and serve, ministry or not.

No matter how my story unfolds, I can see the sunset ahead, and it’s looking pretty spectacular. I’m choosing to live with no regrets because one day, I’ll have all the time in the world to kick back and enjoy the view from a place way better than here. Trust me, the view from heaven beats everything.

So, what do you say?

Ready to start writing your own story?


(updated 2024)

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