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"Everyone has a unique story and every story is a blessing."

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The Preacher’s Pen website began in 2006 hoping to create a site to motivate others to live closer to Jesus. Living in a world filled with problems and difficulties can be a struggle. However, with Jesus, our hope and future is bright. Each one of us can grow closer to Jesus and God each day as we are filled with His Spirit so we can live the best life while we walk this earth.

When the Preacher’s Pen first began, it was a simple blog. After several years, we expanded to a full-fledged website. Today, we are still growing as we offer a podcast, free resources, and a growing blog fill with countless articles you may use. 

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A Little About Me: 

At the end of this life I would like to close my eyes and drift off to an everlasting rest. I want to go gently, peacefully and with my boots on. I do not want to be someone who kicks and screams when their time has come. I want to be joyful because I have lived the best life I could have lived. I want my children to be smiling when I am gone, because they know they will see me again. Carrie says she will go first, but if she does not, I want her to smile, knowing we had an awesome life.

My story is mine to create each day. No matter what influence comes into my life, I must choose to let it pull me down or lift me up. I have already decided to be lifted up. I will no longer ask God to remove all the burdens, but I will ask Him to make me a better person. I have not conquered all, but I have overcome challenges I am proud to have checked off my list and I have not done it alone.20121122_150516_thumb.jpg

My story began as a child of a single mother in a time where the world looked at me through narrowed eyes. (Side Note: My mom married when I was 8 and at the age 13 I made the decision to be adopted by my step-father.) My beginning challenges were small compared to some, but great because they were mine. School was never a peaceful place, but a difficult time. My color-blind eyes painted the grass brown, the sky purple and the sun orange. Teachers said I never paid attention, but I know I did. I grew up in a time where no ADD/ADHD tests were given. If they had been, I would have never sat still long enough to take them anyway.

From the beginning years I was a dreamer. Dreaming of adventures and telling them to family and friends. While far fetched, the stories were real; they were an imagination run wild. As I grew, so did my dreams. Dreams are those things which bring us into new horizons and challenge us to live each moment.

During my first few years in college I created a “bucket list” before I knew what a “bucket list” contained. Several years ago, I found the list and realized I had achieved every one. (I call it a God thing!) I had the house I wanted and the amenities that come with it. I had the material possessions I wanted many years before. I had lived near the city I wanted to live and found it enjoyable, but one thing lacked and that was the car I planned to drive. I can buy that car now, but it does not mean as much to me now as it did then. My “bucket list” has changed; changed for the better.

My own challenges have allowed me to gain wisdom some say are beyond my years, but I figure I am still not there yet. It would have been easy to push those early challenges off onto others or even society, but my family taught me responsibility and passion. With those two characteristics in my life, I have found all things are possible.

My last 25 years have been spent in ministry because I passionately want to see others living better tomorrow than they are today. Recently, I have been challenged more than ever before and without the lows in my life, I never would achieve the highs. My ministry has taken me to a variety of places through out the country and I suspect it will take me several more places as well.

SpeakatPikevilleAs the wind changes direction, I see a change taking place in my life. To some it seems difficult, but to others it is inspiring. I will admit to me, it is scary, but I know there is a plan greater than mine. I desire to assist others in creating a better day today for a better life tomorrow by developing a game plan for their life and coaching them to achievement. My desire is simple and passionate. I believe my mission is clear – to assist and serve others both inside and outside of the ministry.

Whether my story transitions greater or lesser, I can see the sunset on the horizon and it looks glorious. I choose to live a life of no regrets, because one day I will have time to rest and view this world in a place greater than here. The heavenly view is always better.

Join with me today and begin to write your story.

The day is not over, begin living through heaven’s eyes. When you do, you will realized how blessed you truly are.

Just my story,


(updated 2022)

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