This episode of “Wednesdays in the Word” discusses the guilt one feels over past regrets and problems. As Christians, we should depend on the blood of Jesus to cover our sins.

Many people deal with the burden of guilt every day. 

  • Roy Baumeister, a psychologist at Case Western University in Cleveland studies guilt in 1991. He found that the average person spends approximately two hours a day feeling guilty. And for 39 minutes of that time, people feel moderate to severe guilt that may greatly limit their abilities.
  • Two types of guilt have been identified:
    • Objective guilt – this occurs when a law has been broken and the lawbreaker is guilty even though he or she may not feel guilty.
    • Subjective guilt – this refers the inner feelings of remorse and self-condemnation that come because of our actions.

(Christian Counseling, Gary Collins, page 135)

Let’s examine Romans 8.1 considering the discussion of guilt.

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