Every week, across our brotherhood, sermons are presented, and Bible classes are taught. During those few hours each week, some people gain more insights than others. While it may be said that we should not come “looking for something”, we should come ready do worship the Almighty. If we have the proper mindset there is still something to be gained from the lessons.

Consider these few questions to see if they can help you “get something” from the lessons:

Why did you come to worship or Bible class?

The way we approach worship will determine our experience and our learning capacity. Ask yourself, “Am I coming to join with the saints and worship God the Father?”  Are you coming together with others to praise God or just to “get something” out of the day? If someone comes to worship to find a self-pleasing ritual, then worship will not be God-centered.

What are you putting into the sermon or Bible class?

When you come to the assembled worship or Bible Class time, have you prepared your mind to learn? Our mindset will say much about our ability to learn. Are you opening your Bible and following along, or even taking notes to examine later? The old saying is, “you get out what you put in.” Are you putting effort into learning?

Where was your mind during the sermon or Bible class?

When you are listening are you thinking of how to apply the points of the message in your daily life? Once again, listening goes back to mindset. Are you focusing on the worship of God or things outside of worship?

Just some thoughts,

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