The future of our young people is bright. Despite what is in the news and in various media outlets, the future of our children is bright. Over our young people’s lifetime, they have seen advances in the field of medicine, technology, and industry quicker than any other generation.

The advances are happening quickly and major events are being planned and funded. In the middle part of last century, a man walked on the moon and plans are being made through the private industry to land a manned spacecraft on Mars. The future is excellent.

However, just because advances are being made, does not mean one should forget about the basics. While one can carry 20 different Bible versions on their phones, are they being used? Each advance can be a wonderful blessing, if they are being used properly.

What does the Bible say about teaching young people?

  • Are young people taught to love their families? (Titus 2.4)
  • Are young people taught to be self-controlled? (Titus 2.5)
  • Are young people taught to be kind? (Titus 2.5)
  • Are young people taught respect? (Titus 2.7)

There is more listed in Titus 2 worth reading and being reminded of every day.

As advances through the world are taking place, are young people still mindful of the basics? Is part of their education the basics?

Are young people being educated in the blessings of God?

Just some thoughts?