All of us want the best for our families; both spiritually and physically. Our families are, typically, the closest people to us on the Earth and the love us despite our faults. Because of our relationship, we want the best for our families and, many times, we will go out of our way to help them in whatever accomplishment they seek.

The rewards of Christian families are great because those rewards transcend beyond this physical world and will last throughout eternity. Are you helping your family achieve heaven?

Reward #1 – Togetherness

The adage is, “A family that works together stay together.” The key word is together. One characteristic of Christian families is how they work together.  The togetherness of families results in unity.

This unity is seen in several ways:

  1. Unity in Effort – Consider 2 Timothy 1.5. Lois and Eunice made a united effort to teach Timothy the gospel but instill in him a genuine faith.
  2. Unity of Goal – Consider Philippians 3.14. A Christian’s goal is heaven and when Christians unite in their goal of heaven, the keep pressing on to gain it.
  3. Unity of Purpose – Consider 1 Samuel 1-2.21. Hannah had a purpose and she gave Samuel that same purpose – dedication to the Lord.
  4. Unity of Servanthood – Consider Acts 16.34. The Philippians jailer served Paul and Silas after the startling events and his families believed God.

Just some thoughts,