Several times a month, I will surf through the library of YouTube videos and watch a select few from my favorite speakers. Many of the videos I have seen countless times and some I almost know every word, but each time I hear them, the message is still powerful. The words still influence my heart and my actions. They will motivate me and inspire me for greater service. But where does the power live? Is it in the speaker or the message? Take a moment and look at the six items below and see “Six Powers Behind a Powerful Message.”

The speaker believed the message—In each of my favorite speeches throughout the years, each speaker believed (believes) the message they were presenting. Their belief came through in their actions, words, emotions and gestures. The belief of the speaker was so strong, some of it, if not all of it, was transferred to the listeners on every occasion. Without believing the words you are saying, your message will not fall on the listeners with power – it will just fall.

The speaker gave the audience time to think—Each famous speaker delivered the message in a way to give people time to think. The speaker presented words and offered solutions and even got personal, all the while allowing the listeners to hear and digest the words.

The speaker used breaks and pauses in the message—While this point relies heavily on point #2 (and vice versa), the power in a pause or a break in the speech will help the listeners digest and concentrate on the message. Pauses and breaks in a message not only give the listeners time to think, they convey the serious matters of the message. Try pausing for a small amount of time and see how many people look at you, waiting for the next words.

The message challenged the listeners—Ever wonder why some people can fall asleep in a sermon or at a conference? There are many reasons, but I am convinced there is another—we do not challenge them! You can attend seminar after seminar and never be challenged, and you will have just been to “another seminar.” But challenge the people with a message that makes them move their feet, and those people will tell everyone about the “event” they attended!

The message showed the listeners the future; whether good or bad—Remember the challenge of point #4—point #5 is the thought process. Showing your audience the future, no matter good or bad, makes them act! If you are selling them a product, then show them the efficiency they will have and the great sales they can make or the grand lifestyle they will live. If you want them to take action on something that has been wrong, show them where the dangerous road will lead and challenge them to change the course because of the consequences to come. Take your audience into the future and begin changing tomorrow today!

The message was the motivation for the people—Close your message by motivating the people to take action today, not tomorrow! The great messages of the past motivated the people to change at that very moment! Even in today’s society we are feeling the effects from people who took action hundreds of years ago because of their motivation to live better. Motivate your audience to achieve the next level- Leave them motivated!

 These are just six points to get your mind racing toward becoming a greater speaker. Spend time this week and listen to those famous speeches of the past and see how these six points made a difference! Remember, to achieve greatness, you must put them into practice each day. In your next meeting or sales opportunity, try two these steps and see how they work for you. It will take some practice, but practice is necessary for achievement!

Enjoy your day!

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