What are you doing today?

Me? I am just sitting here watching an opossum.

It has been a rainy, thundery and windy day, but all is peaceful now and the opossum has come out of hiding to wonder through the backyard on an evening stroll.

I have never seen an opossum just gently strolling through the yard. In fact, neither has my family. We are amazed by the little guy (or girl).

For a while now I have been sitting here listening to the different crickets and other insects preform their evening orchestra. The sounds are only challenged by the cars buzzing down the road out front.

As I sit here, I am cleaning email, old files and sending a few messages to folks I have not talked to in a while. It has been a good evening.

These are the moments I ponder life and all of its happenings.

For instance, a few people I know recently lost one or their parents. Whether it be a father or a mother, they are hurting. Each one knew that their parents were getting older, but the time of their earthly departure came quicker, sometimes much quicker, than could be imagined.

Another man I know experienced his wife’s earthly passing. Her passing was quicker than he imagined.

Life is short.

We all know it, but do we think about it.

Personally, I talk about the shortness of life often. I speak of the life to come and who each one should be ready because this life is short. The Biblical write James says, “Life is but a vapor that appears for a little while then vanishes away.”

In the quest for a good life, people forget to live.

People become involved in filling their calendars with events, but forget that life is worth living. We are not meant to just fill it with stuff, but with life.

For instance, tonight is my planning night for next week. So far, there are only four events on my calendar for next week. My tendency is to fill up each of those empty gaps with stuff instead of meaningful life.

Think about this, how busy are you?

Are you so busy that you forget to spend time with your family? If so, will it be worth it in a few years?

For me, my children are growing. Soon, they will all be out of the house and finding their own successes and achievements. What will my relationship with them be?

Have I spent too much time giving them stuff or have I been spending time helping them create a meaningful life?

Life is not in the things, but in the memories.

When we are intending to live, we might find ourselves in a quest for things instead of memories. While that newest piece of technology may be the rage, does it help you live a meaningful life?

Technology is a tool. It can be used for good or it can be used for bad. It is all in the hands of the holder.

Technology, rarely, creates memories. Instead it can record memories to be enjoyed from time to time. Technology can lead you to make a memory but it is still in your hands to take up the actions leading you to creation.

Remember, life is meant to be lived.

Life is not meant to be crowded full of things.

In fact, before I challenge others, I bring the challenge before myself.

My dreams are big. Sometimes too big. Sometimes the “shiny-object syndrome” can get the best of me and leave me wanting more stuff. I am sure you have been there before.

One time in my life I sat up late at night and watched pictures of my family move across my screen. The screen saver had kicked on and I just sat and watched. Do you know what I saw?

I saw my wife and children… but not me.

It is not what you are thinking. I was not the one holding the camera. I was not there.

I am not sure where I was during some of those times, but I know I was not there. Typically, I let “work” get in the way of making a memory.

That night those pictures were hard to watch. And that night, I made a choice. I canceled all travel for the upcoming year. As a result, I got away from traveling and speaking. I turned down opportunities to speak so I could be near my family.

We took a vacation and I did not offer to speak on vacation. For the first time in a long time, I got to sit with my family and just be there.

Life has a funny way of teaching you a variety of lessons- some good; some bad.

Question: When life teaches, do you learn?

We all learn at different times and in different ways. Some learn through their own experience; some learn through the experience of others. Some have to fail to learn; others will listen to those that have already failed.

No matter your style or experience, will you learn?

Life is like a vapor. It is here for a little while, then it vanishes away.

So, what are you doing today?

For me, I have made a few choices and strengthened a few others. This I know, tomorrow will be a great day to live.

See you on the sunny side of life.

For now, there is a cup of coffee waiting.

Just my thoughts,

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