On April 13, 1912, Alexander Holverson wrote a letter to his mother aboard the one ship which was thought to be the greatest ship ever built.  His letter would be finished one day before the ship would hit an iceberg.

In his letter, Alexander described the ship as “a giant in size and fitted like a palatial hotel. The food and drink is excellent.” Alexander mentioned seeing millionaire John Jacob Astor. About Jacob Astor, he said, “He looks like any other human being even tho he has millions of money.”

This letter, salt stained from the ocean, was found Alexander’s pocket notebook when his body was recovered. Alexander’s wife, Mary, survived the sinking of the Titanic, by boarding lifeboat #8.

Alexander’s letter was sold in 2017 for $166,000 by the Henry Aldridge & Son auction house in London. The letter is considered “the most important Titanic letter we ever auctioned” as classified by the Henry Aldridge & Son auction house. The rarity and the historical context added to its value.

One sentence which stands out in the Alexander’s letter says, “If all goes well, we will arrive in New York Wednesday AM.” However, as you know, the Titanic, did not make it. The Titanic sank early on Monday morning.

Life is uncertain. Surely, Alexander never thought the Titanic, on its maiden voyage, would sink to the bottom of the ocean. The Titanic was to be the greatest ship in the world. It was the ship of dreams. However, the voyage never finished.

As Christians, we know that life is uncertain. We should remember the word of James, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.” (James 4.15)

Life is uncertain, but your eternity does not have to be.

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Source: Houston Chronicle, 10/23/17, p.A8