At the end of June and into July, a rescue operation was underway to rescue a Thailand boys soccer team trapped in a water-filled cave. The world watched with intensity as rescue teams, local armed forces, engineers, and others tried to devise a plan to rescue the trapped boys and their coach.

Fortunately, all the boys and their coach were finally rescued due to the efforts of many people from around the world.

One of the main reasons the rescue was able to take place was the placement of oxygen tanks along the extended route to the cave opening. A Thai Navy Seal, Saman Kunan, was one of the rescuers placing those oxygen tanks along the 3.2 KM (1.9) mile route. After setting the canisters and beginning to return, Sgt. Maj. Saman Kunan, oxygen tanks deleted rendering him unconscious and later died.

When the full rescue operation began, and the boys, their coaches, and the rescue team was making their way out of the cave, they had plenty of oxygen because someone went before them and prepared the way to their rescue. In the same way, God has gone before and provided you a way to freedom by preparing a way for you to be rescued.

God sent His Son to be the sacrifice for your sins and the sins of the world (1 John 2.2).  God knew what you needed while you were still in your sins (Romans 5.6-8).

God gave the best, so we can live the best life possible. Have you chosen the path of freedom found in Christ?

Just some thoughts,