Life is hard. Some days it is easy and some days it can wear you out. From time to time, we can see the world around us and become discouraged by the turmoil and the problems. As Christians, we know that sin has cursed this world and is the root cause of the issues.

How can you stay motivated each week?

Remember why you began your spiritual journey. Think back to the moment you realized you were gogin to become a Christian, do you remember why you made that choice? Most of us made that choice because we knew Christ was our only hope (1 Peter 1.3-6; Ephesians 2.8-10)

Keep your goals in front of you. As humans, we can let the material cloud our vision, but we should not let the material get in our way of the spiritual. Remember to press onto the prize before us (Philippians 3.13-16)

Surround yourself with Christians. I know this may seem repetitive to here if month after month but remember to surround yourself with people of the same mindset (Philippians 2.5) and the same goals (Hebrews 3.13).

Just a thought,