10 –  Old people should not retire; young folks need you! – Remember Moses led the people of Israel at the age of 80; Caleb was still vigorous at 85 (Joshua 14.10) and remember Paul’s words to the Titus (Titus 2.1-10).

9 – Sophisticated education is not needed to follow Jesus (Acts 4.13).

8 – Bald men, well at least one, have power (2 Kings 2.23-25)

7 – You can read the Bible every day.

6 – Everyone has a gift to use; given to them by God. (Romans 12.3-8; Ephesians 4.11-16; 1 Peter 4.10-11; Matthew 25.14-30)

5 – The Bible even has a book about sex. Apparently there is something God wants us to know. (Song of Solomon)

4 – It allows me to eat bacon. (Acts 10.15)

3 – The Bible proves itself. (Science does not prove the Bible, the Bible proves science.) – The more people search, study and investigate nature, they find themselves staring at a Creator.

2 – Hell is optional. – You do not have to go; there is a better place called heaven and the Bible tells you how to get there.

1 – It can save your soul!

Just my thoughts,