None of us wants to stink as parents, but some of us just might be getting there. We want a positive future for our children and we want to see them succeed in every way.

Our future is determined by our actions in the present, not the past. Today is the day to begin living for the future. Parenting has future rewards that are beyond our imagination.  These ten ways are not guarantees, but they are a start. Enjoy!

        • Live the example of how you want your children to grow.
        • Stop being your child’s friend and be their guide.
        • Hug your children.
        • Give your children responsibilities and make them fulfill them.
        • Let your children be children; stop expecting adult reactions from them.
        • Stop yelling at your children.
        • Spend time playing with your children. (Video games do not count)
        • Read with your children.
        • Discipline your children, they will appreciate you later.
        • Teach them respect of others.

What would you add to the list?

Just some thoughts,

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