Not every Christian is the same. We have come from different backgrounds, different physical families and many times, different church backgrounds. While we are different, there are many things we can all do to enhance our spiritual lives and to encourage the people around us each week.

Below are four quick things every Christian can do every weekend. Take a moment and see how you can make your weekend, and even your life a little greater.

Plan to Attend Service

I know this seems like a given, but it isn’t. Some people, know that Sunday is coming, still miss it. I figure they know that the start of every week is Sunday, but they fail to make plans to be at services.  Failing to make plans has resulted in them missing services. So, this weekend, plan to attend services on Sunday.

Surround Yourself with Christians

To make your weekend go better, especially, your Sunday, surround yourself with Christians.  As you plan for services, plan to meet with your church family after services. Be the one to step up and invite people to gather together. A quick example is inviting people to eat together following services. If money is tight, invite everyone to chip in and have them at your house. (think of it as a potluck meal)


This weekend, schedule four times to offer quick prayers. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you of your scheduled prayer time. The weekends give us more time or more relaxed time, and this can be a great moment to pray.


Yes, I said it…sleep. I have already proclaimed 2018 as “The Year of the Nap,” and I am planning to stick with it. There is a benefit to rest; plus, our bodies need it. For years, researchers have told us our bodies will function better with rest, and many of us are starting to realize it.

Final Thoughts:

Today is Friday.

For many, your weekend is already beginning, or it will begin after work. What steps will you take this evening to prepare yourself for Sunday?

Each one of us can begin today for a greater Sunday.

Just some thoughts,