I do not like today.

I know that everyday is a blessing, but I do not like today.

Today is September 11th.

Today is a day which takes our minds back to a terrifying morning that shook our nation at its core.

Many turned on the news to watch an airliner fly into the World Trade Center. The impact blew the plane part and debris tumbled to the ground.

The news missed the first plane because no one would have ever seen that happen. By the time the second plane was heading to the tower, each news reporter thought an accident had happened.

I wish it was an accident.

Instead, it was terror.

It was terror fueled by a religion that spread its numbers through violence, threats and unrighteous acts.

These unrighteous religious zealots would take innocent lives.

They would take fathers…mothers…grandfathers…grandmothers…and children.

I do not like today.

I do not like the memory of watching the news focus on men and women jumping to their death instead of deal with the flames, smoke and toxic fumes of the Twin Towers.

I do not like watching the moments unfold again.

I do not like the photos of that terrible day I see each year on the week and September 11th.

I do not like today.

I doubt I will ever like today.


Today is a day our nation must not forget.

Forget the Sunday NFL, last year’s college football championship or even where you left your car keys until you find them again…but do not forget today.

Do not forget that there is an evil lurking in the world.

A potent, vile stench evil that seeks to destroy others.

The evil is not in a plane, a bomb and gun or even a book. It is in someone’s heart.

The evil has consumed them like a raging fire.

No matter what good may be in the world, the evil stench sees that everyone must be destroyed. I believe that the only opinion is there opinion. It does not care about the innocent. It just does…not…care.

We need to be reminded that no matter how many hugs we give, there is still evil in the world.

No matter how many jobs we may give people in the world, there is still evil.

This evil is deathening. (Not deafening, because this evil brings death. It is deathening.)

This evil is real.

My first thoughts on that day?

My first thoughts on that September morning were for my family. They were on the road and traveling back to our home.

My next thoughts were on those who lost the lives and the families that were unaware if their loved ones were dead or alive.

I thought of the children whose parent or parents had passed away.

Then, I became angry. What kind of evil could this be that would conjure up such a hatred toward others? Why would they desire to kill, crush and injure as many people as possible?

May anger turned to wishing those who did such evil to the worse possible level of punishment. Not even Dante’s inferno described such a place. Those cowards of terror needed to be in the place of fire, brimstone and the gnashing of teeth.

Some of those exact same emotions go through my mind on a day like today.

I do not like today.

In a perfect world, today would be another day; not the day of memories it brings.

But, this is not a perfect world. From the beginning, no one listened. From the first family hatred would take the life of another. The pattern still exists today.

So, what do we do?

We shall continue. Just as September 12th was another day. It became a day of unity, hope, faith and love. The nation those evil men sought to bring to its knees, arose from the rumble. They prayed together, sang together and neighbor helped neighbor.  The nation continued and we must continue.

We must not forget.  Every person must remember and not forget. While we must not forget the evil that caused the events of the day, we must not forget that every day is precious. Every day is a blessing, thought we may never understand. We must remember that left unprepared, we will not be ready. We must be prepared, yet we must be found in peace.

We must learn. When we stop learning, we cease to live.  Our minds must learn from the events of the past so we may experience the greatness of the future. It is up to each one of use to learn. We must learn from the evil but live in the great. We must realize we can do something with the knowledge we possess.

We must teach. Many of those we know were not alive or old enough to remember that dreadful day. We must remember that the story, the reality resides in our lives and we must teach future generations so they can learn. We must teach because it is our legacy. We must teach.

We must pray. Whether or not you are a religious person, you prayed that day. You may have even cried out to God to aid those who were perishing, those who were suffering. That day, all people were encouraged to pray. Let us not forget to pray.

We must not forget.

I do not like today.

I do not like writing on a day like today. Over the past 18 years, I struggle to write on this day more than any other.

I do not like today.

Today, I will live for the future, while learning from the past.

Today, even though I do not like it, I will use it for the best.

Today, even though it is tough, I will pray.

Today…is September 11th.

Just my thoughts,

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