At a last installment of the Black and White Photo Challenge, I will make it simple. It is about Home.

Day #7 – Home

A home is not about brick and mortar; nor is it about the structure itself. It is about the people and the memories.  The walls that hold up a house are just walls; it is the people inside who decorate them with pictures, paintings, drawings and more. It is not the stuff that makes a home, but the memories are hanging on those walls.

The house is a house, but the people make it a home. The people bring the house to life with their lives, words, and actions. Their creativity is seen in the design and the decoration. People are the life.

My family has lived in a variety of houses and each one we have made a home. Without them, no house would have been a home.

I enjoy the sounds of our home; the laughter, the jokes, the words of praise, the gripes, the whines and even the tears. Each moment grows our family closer together in our home.

When I am not at home, I miss home.

Home means family.

Just a thought,