Several people have tagged me to post a black and white photo for seven days on Facebook describing some aspect of my life. While I typically pass on these things, this one does not sound to bad. Since I am going to write a small blurb to go along with the photo, I thought I go ahead and share these on the Preacher’s Pen website as well.

Day #1 – My Relationship with Coffee 

Coffee is in my blood.

Several of my first memories involve my family sitting around and drinking a cup of coffee. It didn’t matter if it was a snowy West Virginia morning or if it was a blistering August day, there was always a cup of coffee to drink.

When I was younger, the thought of drinking coffee was pretty disgusting. I didn’t like the flavor, I didn’t like the taste; then in my college years I discovered the wonderful taste of coffee.

As a student at West Virginia University, I was walking about a mile and a half to campus everyday. During those times I would drink a cup of coffee on the way to class, then after class, make my way to the Student Center for another large cup of coffee. Those days began a habit which would last me for years. Even when I wasn’t drinking a cup of coffee, I still wanted one.

When I wasn’t living near campus, I was driving everyday from Bridgeport, WV and I would have a nice steaming cup of coffee along the way. After class, once again I found my way to the student center for another cup of coffee.

This continued to my travels at Freed-Hardeman University, where I actually burned out a Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker. I called home one day and my mom asked me what I needed. I mentioned that  I would really like a new coffee pot. A few days later, a new coffee pot arrived. This only made the matter worse because the next coffee pot was a 12-cup coffee maker.

Hence the relationship still continues.

Every morning I get up there’s a cup of coffee fixed by my beautiful wife.

I drink more coffee than most things these days. It may be a sign of getting older, but I happen to enjoy it.

There is more to coffee than caffeine and the aroma, there is an atmosphere about coffee. The atmosphere is a relaxed time with friends, family, co-workers or someone you want to get to know better. Hearing the words, “Want to grab a cup of coffee?” can take any stressful day and begin to make it better.

Coffee is pretty good.

Just my thoughts,