As we have spoken about already, you must remember that making a difference in the lives of others has a benefit for you as well. You will find yourself in a different place because of your influence on others.

Draw this in your mind for a moment: one person making an effort + multiple people receiving the benefits of that effort = countless people who are now in a better situation.

While you are motivated to help others for selfless reasons, you do find there are undeniable benefits that come from the effort. It is not selfish to appreciate or enjoy those benefits. They are rewards for doing a job well.

One benefit of helping others is it makes you feel happier and helps you live a fulfilled life. You can understand that because of your effort, someone somewhere is now better off.

When you think of motivation, be aware there are different types. Typically, people think of the big words of motivation, but when it is broken down, you are able to see its lasting effects.

Consider these types of motivation work in the lives of others. Each person might be looking for motivation to affect their life in different areas:

  • Those needed wanting positive reinforcement.
  • Those seeking to avoid negative consequences.
  • Those with a natural desire to be motivated (Also called “intrinsic motivation”)
  • There are other forces work together to motivate us to act.

No matter our reason for taking action, the benefits are rewarding and more impactful than you may realize. Many people see the action, then forget to see the results. It is not selfish to look for positive results in others because of your actions.

Here is a list of personal benefits you will find in your life when you help make a difference in the lives of others:

You are Creating and Building a Legacy – When you begin making a difference in the lives of others, it often leads creating a legacy. Others will remember who you are and what you did for them or someone they know because you took actions for the greater good. You will find that pouring yourself into something bigger than you can make an impact for generations – this is creating a legacy.

You are Giving Back – Sometimes making a difference comes from giving back to others when you have realized your blessings.  Giving back provides healing to your life and to the lives of others. You will also find satisfaction because you have been able to bless others. This healing and satisfaction come from paying forward what you have gained in your lifetime.

You are Restoring Your Faith – When you have lost something precious, it feels good to regain your faith in God, humanity, or your community.  When you begin making a difference, you see the good in others and it begins a process of restoring your faith. When your faith is restored, you begin seeing others in a different light and you notice a different side the first perceived.

You Begin Reducing Depression – Various forms of depression are rampant in the world, especially in the past year. When you are suffering, it helps to refocus your energy to somewhere other than yourself. When you refocus your energy, you find your suffering slowly easing. You find more energy because you see the difference you are making in others. Your efforts to assist others, changes you.

You Might Honor Someone – You might make a change in others because someone made a difference in yours.  You can honor someone by making a difference just as they did. In doing so, you also continue their legacy and their memory.

You Create Future Opportunities – Your actions have a unique way of creating future opportunities for you to make a difference. When your actions take root, it is like planting a seed and watching it grow. As that seed grows, more opportunities will be present.

When you intentionally choose to make a difference in the lives of others, it becomes a winning situation for everyone involved. The win might not be immediately known, but it will be a worthwhile effort.

Remember, those who receive support from others are blessed, just as those who step out and make a difference.

Be assured that your efforts to serve others will come to result in significant personal benefit.

Realize the power of one.

Just some thoughts,

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