Leadership. It is a word often used when a situation needs someone to stand up and take control. Or it is used when a problem has developed, and someone is needed to make a difference.

Leading by example is one of the largest areas of contribution one can make to others, their church, their community, their workplace, and their family.  Someone needs to take the lead.

Will Rogers is noted as saying, “We can’t all be heroes, because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” While it may seem that way many times, that fact is we are all leaders in one extent or another. You may lead your family, lead a group activity, or lead a team at work, but you are a leader. You might lead the way in innovation, or in teaching new generations the cultures of the past, but you are a leader.

The most significant influence you have as a leader is the example you set for others.  Remember, people are watching you. People will pay less attention to what you say, and more attention to what you do. Your example in actions will be the biggest influence you will have on them.

While words are important, it is the action that backs up those words and shows the true cahracter of an individual.

Consider for a moment your experience at school or work; who were the most influential teachers and bosses in your past?

Some of your teachers and bosses were a big influence by showing you what not to be like as a leader. However, the ones that made the most significant impact on you were likely the teachers and managers who brought out the best in you and taught you through their example.

What are some character traits of a great leader?

  • Is a great leader compassionate?
  • Is a great leader ethical?
  • Is a great leader honest?
  • Is a great leader dedicated?
  • Is a great leader fair to others?

What character traits would make up a great leader? Have you learned about these traits from great leaders in your past?

Another area of great leaders is the skills the possess. They do not have to be a jack-of-all-trades, but do they have skills necessary to assist others?

What skills can great leaders teach through their example?

  • Does a great leader have tactical skills? (Skills in communication and manners)
  • Does a great leader have the skill of empowerment to assist others?
  • Does a great leader have a mastery of a craft?

Based on your experience, what are some skills a leader should possess? You will find that some areas of leadership need different skills that others.

Remember, leaders lead through their example; this is where the distinction is made between the good and the great. The actions of a leader make a difference to his influence and his leadership abilities.

  • How do great leaders lead through their example?
  • Does a great leader model appropriate behavior?
  • Does a great leader teach complex concepts in understandable ways?
  • Do great leaders walk the walk as they talk the talk?
  • Does a great leader practice self-sacrifice for the betterment of the group?
  • Does a great leader champion their cause?

Through your reflection on what makes great leaders, you must remember that your example has power to shape whatever situation.

You can influence others in ways you may never imagine. Through your example you will help build someone’s character, or teach them a skill, and even encourage their self-worth just by doing what you do best, being a proper example.

Something to always keep in mind is that you are never unobserved. Others are always responding to your presence.

Remember to do your best from a place of integrity and think about your influence wherever you are. Do what you can to be mindful of the fact that someone, somewhere, is being influenced by your behavior. If even in the smallest of ways, your existence is making a meaningful impact on the world.

Whether you are the leader of a company, a leader in your church, or the leader of your home, you are a leader with influence wherever you go.

Be a good example to those looking to you and walk with confidence knowing that you are affecting others as they watch you.

Just some thoughts,

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