When you have a Bible question, where do you look?

Do you look in the Bible?

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick told an Eastern Tale that tells of the search for truth.*

A traveler passing through a village spotted a man on the ground obviously searching for something. Wanting to help, the stranger stopped and asked what he was trying to find. The man explained he’d lost his key.

Together they searched through the dust and leaves for more than an hour but found nothing. The traveler asked the old man if he was sure the key had been lost in this area. The elder told his new friend, “Oh, no! I lost it in my house.”

Irritated by the waste of time, the traveler demanded, “Then why are we looking out here?” The wise man, who used such opportunities to teach others, replied, “Because out here the light is so much better for looking.”

*The Great Cholesterol Con, Malcolm Kendrick, 2007, p. 206

Many people look where they are comfortable instead of the place to find the real answers. God has provided us all things for life and godliness (2 Peter 1.3) and the words of the Bible are written so we may believe (John 20.31).

How much time are you spending searching the Bible for life’s answers?

Are you searching the Bible more than Google?

Just a thought,