A few days ago, I decided I need to simplify some areas of Social Media. To be honest, I enjoy a variety of aspects of social media, but all the drama has really gotten in the way of the positive. Anything from the chaos of politics to the chaos of someone’s personal problems have filled by Facebook Newsfeed for weeks now. Friends told me to begin “hiding” various people who are constantly dramatizing even the smallest of things. I tried this for a while and thought it worked pretty well. The only issue I had with “hiding people”  was that they could still see my feed and comment.

Speaking of comments – just because you can comment, does not mean you should. All of us post things in a random way, but it is the comments that are crazy. People comment on anything and everything without reading and thinking about what they are going to say; especially anything on religion and politics. In fact, I have disabled comments on this blog because they were so absurd and disrespectful, they were not worth having around.

If you are going to comment, think first. If you still decide to comment, think about it again before you write it. When you do write it, reread it before you hit send.

On the other hand, there were some people who posted nothing but the negative that just had to go. I have friends to cuss, drink and do other things I disagree with, but rarely do I “hide them;” but the consistently negative and dramatic had to go.

In light of those things, I decided to make a change. So a few days ago,  I posted this:


In this process, I maybe be losing some “friends” but I am regaining my sanity. Honestly, I rarely peruse Facebook unless I am sitting on my couch in the evening. I have chosen this method to keep my sanity and keep the drama down.

To further simplify social media, I have deleted a few account on other platforms which never amounted to much. I deleted LinkedIn about a year ago after being stalked by people who had nothing better to do. (Yes, I said stalked. It is a long story, but it is amazing what people do.) There are certain areas of social media that people just have to have and I refuse to follow the status quo.

Now before you think I am against social media, I am not. I enjoy reconnecting with people I have not talked to in years and now using the opportunity to keep up with each other’s families. The ability to share information, articles, pictures and videos is a powerful tool to motivate and encourage people.

What changes have you made to social media?

Could you use a reduction in the drama of social media?

Just my thoughts,



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