Each one of us is on a spiritual journey.  As Christians every day is a new day we are blessed with to glorify God (Psalm 118.24) on your journey.

What about our spiritual journey? Do you know where you are going? How are you doing on your journey?

What road are you traveling?

The Bible speaks of two roads in life: a broad road and a narrow road. The broad road is easy and well-traveled by many, but the narrow road is hard and must be found. However, the narrow road leads to an abundant life while the broad road leads to destruction. Which road are you traveling? (Matthew 7:13-14)

What guide are you using?

Do you have a roadmap for life or are you wishing for a greater life? The Creator, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to give us the His guidebook for life so we can make it through to live with Him. Are you reading so you will be complete? (2 Timothy 3.16-17)

Are you staying on the road?

To arrive at your destination, you must not only start on the road, but you must continue your journey. As you have started your spiritual journey, you must continue staying true to the Almighty as you live every day. (Revelation 2.10)

Just some thoughts,

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