“You Can Do It” Video Class – Lesson #4

This is Lesson #4 in the “You Can Do It” Video Series. This lesson is about “Setting Effective Goals by Incorporating Discipline-Building Elements.”

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Set Effective Goals by Incorporating Discipline-Building Elements

Effective goals to not “just happen.”

When you write your goals, they do not magically become effective or useful. It will take a few extra steps to make sure your goals are effective.

What if I told you that you can set up your goals in such a way that they can be self-sustaining? In other words, they train you to become more disciplined.

The more you achieve these goals, the more disciplined you become, and you can take on more and more goals. Sounds awesome, right? Well, this is not theory. It can happen and people do make it happen. Here’s how you do it.


Prioritize Your Sub-goals

The first thing you need to do is to prioritize the sub-goals or sub-elements of your big goals. Sort them based on their likelihood to lead to big objectives. In other words, if you knock out these sub-goals, they directly take you closer to your big objectives.

Of course, not all sub-goals are the same. Sometimes, sub-goals are necessary, but they lead to an indirect path. If you’re reasonably certain that if you take that indirect path it eventually leads you to your big goals, then that sub-goal is good enough. You want your goals and sub-goals to lead you in the same direction.

Write down all these sub-goals and make it your highest priority to focus on sub-goals most directly connected to your big objectives. In other words, when you act on these sub-goals, it’s like going from Point A to Point B. The shorter and the straighter the line, the better.



Be as Clear About Your Sub-goals as Possible

While prioritizing sub-goals is important, you also need to make sure you conceptualize them correctly. Look at the sub-goals’ parts and make sure you’re clear as to what you need to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it. The most important ingredient, of course, is to be clear as to why you’re doing this sub-goal.

You will find clarity to be an important part of goal and sub-goal creation.

What is its impact on your big objectives?

How does it get you there?

What kind of role does it play in helping you achieve the big things that you’re shooting for in your life?


Build Discipline by Making Your Highest Priority Sub-Goal Your Primary Focus

In every given day, make sure that you are focusing on sub-goals that lead you closer to your big objectives. Make these sub-goals and their activities your primary focus. Everything must lead to it. Keep this top of mind.

Also, make it a point to do the hardest part of these sub-goals first.

Make no mistake about it, regardless of sub-goal or set of activities, there’s always something that you’re going to struggle with. There’s always going to be a part of a project that you have a tough time starting. Maybe it’s technically easy, but you’re just emotionally intimidated by it.

On the other hand, it may be emotionally easy and very straightforward as far as your understanding of its necessity is concerned, but it’s technically challenging for you. Regardless, focus on these hardest parts and choose to do them first.

It won’t be easy. At first, it’s probably going to feel like you’re pulling teeth. It’s not going to happen overnight. However, the more you keep at it, the greater your self-discipline becomes because you’re tackling the hardest thing first. You’re not running away from it, you’re not procrastinating, you’re not trying to work around it, but you’re tackling it head on.

The first battle is probably going to be very brutal, but the more you keep attacking, the more confident you become. At the very least, you’re not intimidated.

Keep this up and this can lead to you taking consistent action that ensures your sub-goals are achieved. The more sub-goals you knock out, of course, the closer you get to your big objectives. This is not exactly rocket science or brain surgery.

You can do this! 

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