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Today the Preaching Toolbox was launched as a part of the Preacher’s Pen network of sites. The Toolbox is designed to assist preachers in their studies and research, but it is full of resources that anyone can use for their spiritual growth.

While the site is currently in its infancy, it will grow to be a full featured research website designed to hold as much information as possible to assist preachers in gaining the resources they need to motivate God’s people to change the world.

The Preaching Toolbox also consists of a variety of articles on preaching, leadership, news articles and even articles designed for a congregation’s bulletin. These articles are free to use in publications, church bulletins and other newsletters.

There is a section of recommended links that is filled with a variety of resources useful for assisting preachers in lesson development.

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Where You Can Help?

The Preaching Toolbox is a website you can help build by providing links to great resources, outlines, articles and other sources of information. If you have an article, sermon or resource you would like to submit to the Preaching Toolbox, contact me at and write Preaching Toolbox Submission in the subject line of your email.

If you use online resources that would benefit others, you may submit the link and after review it will be placed on the Preaching Toolbox for others to use.

All information submitted will undergo a review process to determine its place on the Preaching Toolbox website. For more information contact me and I will respond to your questions.

Take a moment and glance over the website to see how the Preaching Toolbox can assist you.

For those familiar with the Preacher’s Pen website, take note the menu bar has changed and all the resources can be found on the Preaching Toolbox.

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Podcast–The Congregation of Toleration

There is a slight problem with the audio having the popping “p” sound, I am trying to correct it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


The congregation in Pergamum (Revelation 2.12-17) is what I call the congregation of Toleration. While the congregation is seeking to maintain their strength in Christ, they are tolerating some areas and sins which they should not. The greater question is are the lives of Christians becoming lives of toleration? and are our congregations becoming congregations of tolerations?

The Powerpoint is available below:


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Mother’s Day Sermon Outline and PowerPoint

Yesterday, the world reflected on honoring mothers and their influence in our lives. Below is the sermon outline and PowerPoint presented yesterday. The topic was “Characteristics of Outstanding Mothers” as material was presented on Luke 1 regarding the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Free Outlines: PDF and Word document available below:

To download the files you may right-click and choose “save as…” or you may open the file on your computers and then save.

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Proverbs and a Great Banquet–Sermons

Yesterday, the words of King Solomon and Jesus are the basis for the lessons below. The wisdom people seek, in order to better themselves, must be the wisdom found through the inspired men of God and the Son of God.

The PowerPoint files are listed below as well as PDF files of the outlines. You may download each or both of the PowerPoints and outlines, all that is asked is to use them for the glory of God.


Here are the PDF outlines are the lessons above:


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Baptism–Is it Necessary (PowerPoint)

Is baptism necessary for salvation?

The religious world seems to be confused regarding the subject of baptism. Many people believe one should be baptized, but it is not necessarily a must. However, what does the Bible say regarding baptism?

As people seeking to follow God, we must examine His words to see what God says regarding baptism. You may view the PowerPoint below. The outline is free to download as a PDF file by clicking the image below.

The PowerPoint:

You may download the PowerPoint by clicking here – Baptism PowerPoint.

The Outline:

To download the outline you may click the image to open the outline in Adobe Reader then save it there ot you may right-click the outline and




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Following Jesus–PowerPoint



As part of the 31 Days with Jesus series in January, the PowerPoint below discusses what it means to follow Jesus. Focus was placed on Mark 8.34.


You may view and download the PowerPoint below:


During this series of messages, I have handed out an outline for the members to follow along. If you would like to view and download the outline by clicking the image below. (The outline is in PDF form)




You may download the files below and edit them to fit your studies and ministry. To download the files below, right-click



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Religious Lemmings

Lemmings-300x257Made popular by the 1980’s video game Lemmings, these creatures have began a somewhat true, somewhat false view that Lemmings decide to run off a cliff in a mass suicide each year.  A logical person will consider that if the Lemmings race went along with a mass suicide every year there would be no Lemmings, yet they still exist. The misconception regarding Lemmings and mass suicide is great, but the fact is many Lemmings do perish during a migration period. (use the links below the article for more information)

Sunday I spoke of “Being a Religious Lemming.” I used the noted misconception of Lemmings to discuss how people follow a crowd. As Christians it is not our duty to follow a religious crowd, but to follow Jesus. Many followed the religious leaders of the day, because it was the “religious thing to do.” People even attend services today because it is Sunday, not because of a desire. Consider the following…

    • If you attend services because your parents make you, you might be a religious Lemming.
    • If you have a Bible because everyone else has a Bible, you might be a religious Lemming.
    • If you are a Christian because everyone else at church camp is a Christian, you might be a religious Lemming.
    • If you sing in worship services because everyone else is singing, you might be a religious Lemming.
    • If you partake of the Lord’s Supper and never reflect on Christ’s sacrifice, you might be a religious Lemming.

Religious Lemmings are all around us. It is our job, not to follow the crowd but to follow Jesus. When the crowds try to quiet us regarding our Christian beliefs and life. Peter and John were faced with the decision to remain silent as they were told (religious lemmings) or to speak of what they knew (Acts 4.13-22). They chose to speak, will you!

Below is a copy of the PowerPoint from Sunday’s lesson. You may view and download the PowerPoint and use it in your ministry. The PowerPoint is very simple. I planned to spend the majority of my time speaking instead of showing slides.


Regarding the thoughts of speaking of Christ when we are discouraged from speaking, I would recommend “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity” by S. E. Cupp. This is a excellent resource investigating how the media is taking God out of the public eye. Just a note regarding the author, S. E. Cupp is an atheist; so  this is a very interesting read.

Here is the Preacher’s Pen Amazon Affiliate link to the book. (We enjoy a 4% – 6% commission on each sale.)


To read more about Lemmings, use the links below:


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The Bible Scares Me

There are scriptures in the Bible that frighten me beyond belief. This Sunday I shared with the congregation a message on the topic of “Hell.” While many have become calloused to the topic of hell, because of focusing on short term living instead long-term living, I found this topic to always be one relevant to life.

You many also download a copy of the handout provided to the congregation by clicking  the picture below.

Bible Scares Me


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Is Bible Study Really Important?

I am sure many of you can give me reason upon reason for the importance of Bible study.  Christians may realize its importance, but are we studying the Bible?

Charles Spurgeon once said, “There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write “damnation” with your fingers.” *

John MacArthur has said, “I have found that my spiritual growth is directly proportionate to the amount of time and effort I put into the study of Scripture.”**

Here is a lesson I am presenting on Sunday, September 25th. I want to discuss the importance of Bible study from a different perspective and show what Bible study can bring into one’s life.


Be sure to check out the other PowerPoints and outlines here.

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*Charles H. Spurgeon, Spurgeon’s Sermons, vol. 1 (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983), 33

**John F. MacArthur, Jr., Why Believe the Bible (Glendale, CA: Regal Books, 1980), 95.

Jonah: Sermons on PowerPoint

Jonah was a very confused man called by God and very successful in the ministry. After being called by God, Jonah tried to run, got tossed overboard, got swallowed by a fish, vomited on land, convinced a city to repent, then angrily watched what would happen to them.

Below is a four week sermon series on Jonah. The PowerPoints are free to view and download. There are links below the SlideShare Presentation Viewer for downloads of the PowerPoints separately or as one ZIP file.


Direct Downloads:

To download the files, right-click on the file and select “Save as…”  then save the file to your computer. The PowerPoints files are created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint, you may download a free Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 viewer here. (Click here.)

Direct download to the compressed ZIP file here. (1.8 megs)


As always, if you use the files, I would like to hear how you are using the PowerPoints in your ministry or in your studies.

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