The Coming Election–Sermon Transcript


This morning I stood before our congregation and spoke of Election Day. Some were nervous when I announced the topic and others were inquisitive. Presenting a lesson such as this is difficult because you do not want your words misconstrued or taken out of context. So to be sure, I wrote out the words of the lessons and provided copies to anyone wishing to have one. I am providing you a copy of the lesson text for download as well.

The lesson text is downloadable in PDF form below.

Here are a few excerpts from the lesson:

“My desire is stronger than it has ever been for a better life. My desire is not only for a better life for myself, but for Carrie and for my children. As my children grow, I wish them more opportunities and a greater life than I have ever achieved or will achieve; just as any parent would. The question I have to ask myself is, “What am I doing to make their lives better? Am I making a difference or being a person of indifference?” Those are hard questions, but hard questions deserve hard answers.”

“While we hear of these changes, it is vital to understand the basis for such removal. Most have come to believe the fallacy of “The Constitution speaks of the separation of Church and State.” However, it doesn’t. To the surprised of many, the words “separation of Church and State” are not found within the Constitution of the United States. Men have mentally written them into the Constitution just as men have written “Cleanliness is next to godliness” into Solomon’s proverbs.”

“As the words “separation of Church and State” will be debated for years to come, the greater question we must ask is, “Have we become influenced to a great fallacy?” Have we fallen into the false life of separating our religion from our politics?”  To do so is a greater problem than “separation of Church and State” it is a separation of self from Christ.”

“May we, today, seek to know more of the church than we do the thoughts of man. May we seek to live in the light of Christ as opposed to the darkness of men.”

You may download the PDF copy of the lesson’s text by clicking here.  The lesson is 15 pages in length with sources cited.

If you desire a copy of the document in Microsoft Word, contact me here and add “Sermon Lesson Text” to the subject line.

Audio Update – The audio file has been added to the post. You may listen to the file using the audio player at the top of the article or you may download the MP3 File here. (Right click and go to “Save As..” then save the file to your computer)

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The Preaching Toolbox


Today the Preaching Toolbox was launched as a part of the Preacher’s Pen network of sites. The Toolbox is designed to assist preachers in their studies and research, but it is full of resources that anyone can use for their spiritual growth.

While the site is currently in its infancy, it will grow to be a full featured research website designed to hold as much information as possible to assist preachers in gaining the resources they need to motivate God’s people to change the world.

The Preaching Toolbox also consists of a variety of articles on preaching, leadership, news articles and even articles designed for a congregation’s bulletin. These articles are free to use in publications, church bulletins and other newsletters.

There is a section of recommended links that is filled with a variety of resources useful for assisting preachers in lesson development.

Click the image above to visit the Preaching Toolbox!

Where You Can Help?

The Preaching Toolbox is a website you can help build by providing links to great resources, outlines, articles and other sources of information. If you have an article, sermon or resource you would like to submit to the Preaching Toolbox, contact me at and write Preaching Toolbox Submission in the subject line of your email.

If you use online resources that would benefit others, you may submit the link and after review it will be placed on the Preaching Toolbox for others to use.

All information submitted will undergo a review process to determine its place on the Preaching Toolbox website. For more information contact me and I will respond to your questions.

Take a moment and glance over the website to see how the Preaching Toolbox can assist you.

For those familiar with the Preacher’s Pen website, take note the menu bar has changed and all the resources can be found on the Preaching Toolbox.

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A Father’s Day Story


A few years ago, I ran across this brief story and found it moving and making a great point each person can understand. I cannot remember where I first heard the story, but it concreted itself in my mind. I have used variations of it before and every time someone comes up after the lesson to thank me for the illustration. I tell them it is not mine and I am sure the original author would appreciate it.

The link below is to a version of the story. Following the story is the sermon I presented on Father’s Day 2009 while using the story as an introduction to the lesson.

A gentleman was flying on an airplane when the plane ran into some turbulence. At first, no one was too alarmed, thinking that the rough patch would soon be past. However, the plane continued to be rocked and swayed by the powerful currents all around it. As the man looked around at the other passengers, he could see the fear rising in the eyes of those closest to him. The plane continued to dip and roll with the unstable environment it was flying in.

All of a sudden, this man’s eyes fell on a young girl who seemed to be all alone with no adult near her. He watched her as she sat reading her book during the frightening journey. She would look down at her book and then raise her head and close her eyes. After a few moments, she would look back down at the book again. She repeated this pattern throughout the turbulence. What struck the man observing her was the little girl’s calm demeanor while those much older than she were visibly shaken.

The plane landed safely on the tarmac some time later. The passengers were grateful to be on solid ground again. The gentleman decided to let everyone else in the plane disembark as he stayed behind to talk to the young girl. He smiled as he approached her, still sitting calmly in her seat.
"I have a question," he said to her.

"I was wondering how you were able to stay so calm during the turbulence we went through in the air when so many adults were afraid."

The little girl looked up at the man and said simply,

"My daddy is the pilot of this airplane. He told me he was taking me home."




The lesson focused on the role of Father’s in our lives with emphasis to the security and protection of our heavenly Father.

Hope this stirs your mind for this coming Father’s day.

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Mother’s Day Sermon Outline and PowerPoint

Yesterday, the world reflected on honoring mothers and their influence in our lives. Below is the sermon outline and PowerPoint presented yesterday. The topic was “Characteristics of Outstanding Mothers” as material was presented on Luke 1 regarding the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Free Outlines: PDF and Word document available below:

To download the files you may right-click and choose “save as…” or you may open the file on your computers and then save.

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Top Ten Signs Your Sermon Went Well



Ministers often struggle with feedback following the message. While many ministers hear the typical, "Good sermon." followed by a handshake, they would much rather see the benefits of the message in the daily life of Christians. (i. e. – if we preach on evangelism, then see members evangelizing.)

I have decided I would come up with a top ten list of "Signs Your Sermon Went Well." Some are comedic, two are serious.

Top Ten Signs Your Sermon Went Well

  1. A visitor requests you apply at their congregation.
  2. No one threw a song book.
  3. Instead of saying great sermon someone says "I am going to go do something with the message."
  4. The elders cancel the meeting they were going to have with you after services.
  5. No one offers to pay for you to do mission work in a foreign country for the rest of your life.
  6. Members congratulate you for “finally doing it right.”
  7. No one gives you a website where you can download sermons.
  8. Your congregation stops taking applications.
  9. Someone asks you if you are preaching again next week.
  10. You preached the gospel of Christ.


What would you add to the list?

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Jesus Speaks Truth–PowerPoint


So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, "If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  (John 8.31-32;ESV)

Jesus came to set us free. Are we living in freedom or are we hiding our freedom behind the walls of a church building?

To download the PowerPoint, the outline PDF and the outline Word  document, you may do so below. Right-click on the link and choose “Save As…” then save the documents to your hard drive.


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The Bible Scares Me

There are scriptures in the Bible that frighten me beyond belief. This Sunday I shared with the congregation a message on the topic of “Hell.” While many have become calloused to the topic of hell, because of focusing on short term living instead long-term living, I found this topic to always be one relevant to life.

You many also download a copy of the handout provided to the congregation by clicking  the picture below.

Bible Scares Me


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Is Bible Study Really Important?

I am sure many of you can give me reason upon reason for the importance of Bible study.  Christians may realize its importance, but are we studying the Bible?

Charles Spurgeon once said, “There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write “damnation” with your fingers.” *

John MacArthur has said, “I have found that my spiritual growth is directly proportionate to the amount of time and effort I put into the study of Scripture.”**

Here is a lesson I am presenting on Sunday, September 25th. I want to discuss the importance of Bible study from a different perspective and show what Bible study can bring into one’s life.


Be sure to check out the other PowerPoints and outlines here.

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*Charles H. Spurgeon, Spurgeon’s Sermons, vol. 1 (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983), 33

**John F. MacArthur, Jr., Why Believe the Bible (Glendale, CA: Regal Books, 1980), 95.

New Sermon Series–Christian Types

Yesterday, I began a new sermon series entitled, “Christian Types” by examining the lives of certain Old Testament people and making application to Christians. Below is a copy of the series outline and further below is a copy of the sermon PowerPoint.


Christian Type Sermon Series

  • July 24th – Christian Type #1 – The “Lot” Christian
  • July 31st – Christian Type #2 – The “Esau” Christian
  • August 7th – Christian Type #3 – The “Abraham” Christian
  • August 14th – Christian Type #4 – The “Ahithophel” Christian
  • August 21st – Christian Type #5 – The “Job” Christian


Here is Sunday PowerPoint on Christian Type #1 – The “Lot” Christian


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How to Restore Spiritual Family–A Starter Outline


Last week while on vacation, my family visited the congregation where I spent the formative years of my life. The small congregation had added on and the attendance was small due to several families traveling, but everything looked the same. From the wooden pews to the solid wood pulpit, the memories began to fill my mind.

The Bible class that morning was on Galatians 6. As usual, I jotted down some notes and added many of my own thoughts to the list. My mind races whenever I hear someone speak and I write as much as I can in my journal. So here is a good sermon starter for speakers or a good starter outline for a Bible study; either way, enjoy!

How to Restore Spiritual Family

  • Gentleness – “…you who are spiritual should restore him on a spirit of gentleness.” (Galatians 6.1; ESV)
  • Bear a Burden – “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6.2; ESV)
    • How to Bear Burdens:
      • Christians must know one another.
      • Christians must know themselves.
      • Christians must have faith in one another. (aka – trust)
      • Christians should not think highly of themselves.
  • Notes of Realization:
    • Every member is a contributor to the body of Christ.
    • Every Person is valuable to God.


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